Asbestos Abatement! Root Cause

If you suspect the usage of any kind of contaminant material in the construction of your house, then what you have to do is give us a call, Our team will come and do inspections and they confirm it if they find something otherwise you are clear to live in your dream house. But if they find some kind of traces like that of asbestos then Asbestos Abatement is necessary now. Allow our expert team to clean your house using our professional and friendly methods. The service we provide makes our company recommendable among our clients. Call us whenever you need our help. Our representatives are here 24/7 to assist you in any way they can.

All of us can imagine if some kind of plague or disease enters our homes then it is very difficult for us to throw that disease out of our houses. We at Bay Area Asbestos Removal can help you to contain this cotangent. Our team is expert is well trained and prepared for such kind of work, We can relieve you from this tension and can make your houses as clean as they can be.

Our Recommence:

We are a local company named bay area asbestos removal, we help in asbestos abatement, lead removal, mold removal, and also popcorn ceiling removal. We try to do this as smoothly as we can and as quickly as we can so that all the worries and tensions of our client can be relieved and he can easily return to his house. We do this work professionally and in a friendly way. We also utilize our heavy artillery if needed i.e. we bring all our tools in the battle against these harmful substances. One of our tools is HEPA Vacuuming which promises to remove all debris from the area. Within our company, we don’t compromise on the quality of our work we promise that everything will be done perfectly and efficiently and at the end of our work when we test for results and if somehow there is some kind of lack in our work then we take full responsibility for it and then do your work for free the next time we do it.

Our packages are affordable for everyone, we offer services like:

Asbestos Abatement:

We at Bay Area Asbestos Removal are an expert in asbestos abatement. We 1st inspect the area and if traces are found then we tell the owner. We urge him not to take risks and hire us for the job, we promise him that once we finish if he found any trace of the substance, he can have his money back.

  • Lead Removal:

We are also experts in removing Lead too and trust us, if found in traces, even then it can be lethal. It causes damage to the central nervous system. Due to which if the person recovers even then he can be a retard.

  • Mold Removal:

Mold removal is also necessary and we as a multipurpose company can also take care of it. If not removed in time can cause a person to experience physical reactions that are dreadful.

  • Popcorn Ceiling:

Although they are classy and presents a great look but still it is not liked by people nowadays, there are 2 main reasons for its removal:

  1. It stores asbestos and lead in it.
  2. It is now considered out of fashion.