Best Durango Plumbing Works

In the Areas of Durango, Bayfield, Ignacio, Mancos or Cortez, and La Plata County region, If you need any kind of plumbing services, fix electric heaters, repair pipelines, etc. then there is no better to be contacted then us (M & R Plumbing Services). We are a licensed company having decades of experience under our belt and our staff is also professionally trained so we suggest that at least try us once you won’t regret it that we can promise. Our team is always fully equipped when they go on work, they have all the necessary tools to solve any kind of problem.

We work 6 days a week so you can call us any time you want and also remember that our emergency services are available 24/7. Whenever you need us, give us a call. We’ll be happy to solve your problem.

Repairing or Replacement

Durango Plumbing is happy to carry out work of all sorts i.e. cleaning drainage pipes inside out, waste-water pipes, sewer lines, floor drains, tubs, etc. We employ all sorts of methods whichever is effective and to check which method is effective we use in-pipe video inspection which tells us exactly the sort of problem we are dealing with and by knowing problem, we use either the sewer-snake treatment system or the all-powerful hydro-jet machine which makes its way through the clog in a heartbeat. It’s now better to call us when you see signs of clogging because once they start then they are difficult to clean and the cleaning will not only cost you money but a lot of time as well.

And through our inspection, if the problem is to be sorted out by repairing then we will prefer that because whatever suits and is beneficial for our customers we will do that. Examples of when repairing are preferred, in case of toilets i.e. if the water starts to leak then most of the time it is fixed just by repairing the faucet or cartridges of the washers. But sometimes it is unfixable i.e. it has completed its life span and now what it needs is a replacement. So, without further delay, we will replace that and our problem will be solved.

Many people say that plumbers don’t give estimations before solving the problem. But we don’t do such things we inspect the problem, identify it and after that give you a brief report in your hand in which the problem is highlighted, its solutions if there is more than one and the total cost of each solution. After reading the detailed report, if you give us a green signal then we’ll start the work on the problem and rest assured that your work will be done as splendid as it can and when we leave, we clean after ourselves like there was no one there.

M & R Plumbing Services offers the best there is in the market and our name and our work speak for itself.