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Are you facing an automobile glass screen problem? Your tension is over. Grand Junction has the best windscreen repairing and replacement problems. Just contact us and get a quote. We will serve you with the best available services. Besides, we will ensure that no such accident happens again in the future.

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The main problem for customers is to choose between repair and replacement. Let me clear your doubt. We are following and working according to the rules and regulations of the National Windscreen Repair Association (NWRA). Therefore, the repairing of the windscreen is only possible if the damage is in the provided limits. For cracks, the maximum allowable limit is fourteen inches. If the crack length is or up to fourteen inches, repairing is possible and we have the latest and premium devices to do repairing carefully and flawlessly. In the case of chips, NWRA suggests that repairing is possible if the chip is in three inches area but if the size increases, replacement is the only option.


We are working according to the limits. As I have already discussed the length limit. Depth of the crack or chip is also an important consideration. As we know that, the windshield is tempered glass and it consists of three layers central plastic layer and two outer glass layers. Considering the depth of cracks and chips, if only outside glass layer is compromised, the screen is repairable but if the impact of the incident is up to the inner layer of the glass repairing is not a good option and in this case, replacement is the only option. Why the depth of impact is so important and why there is a limit of repairable depth? The answer is that if someone ignores the depth of impact on the glass and if the damage is up to inner layer and you still do repairs, then we cannot guarantee you this act for a long time and it is still dangerous for the driver and other passengers.


Location of Damage

Another important consideration is the location of the crack and chip. Just consider two plastic sheets of different diameters. One has a double diameter as compared to the other. Moreover, you pull through both sheets. Which sheet will require more force to burst? The answer is the sheet with a larger diameter. This is because the edges are much sensitive as compared to the central part of the sheet. It is the same dealing with windscreen and rare window. If the damage is on the edges and you do not handle it properly and timely, it will surely reduce the integral strength of the whole glass screen. Edges require more attention towards repairing but if it is difficult to repair the edges, replacement is the only option.


Most of the accidental damages lie under insurance. Somehow, if it is not possible to claim the damage at the time, we assure you to provide the best services at cheap rates. We are promised to serve the public with the best available services in minimal charges.