Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Pest control cda is what we look up to and if anyone who has a little bit of knowledge about technology or anything he will say that us to use the CDA technique because he knows it will save him money and just not only save him but also help him to increase his production by a margin because of the obvious reasons i.e. it uses a rotary machine in it which helps to spread the pesticide uniformly throughout the surface it won’t let it to convert into vapors and because of this it reaches to the bottom of the crops i.e. the soils because most of the time the pests are hidden in the layers form in the soil which if not treated properly can cause a lot of damage to the crops as well as humans.

We serve both the residential as well as commercial sectors. We have a record of serving hundreds of clients.

Our Residential Profiles:

In residential Sectors we serve customers like:

  • Home Owners

Trust us! They are the most vulnerable type; they are the ones who get most worried about their health and the health of their loved ones and their pets too. They are the ones who are most difficult to manage.

  • One-time Service Customers

Some clients are one-time serving i.e. either they are rude or they are stubborn in any case we although give them the best service but they talk like strange things that we don’t serve them no more.

  • Management

They are the best clients to deal with, because as they are in management so they know how to handle people and things properly. We love to work with such clients.

  • Real Estate Agents

They are the ones who are in most hurry. They just want everything to be done in a blink of an eye and we know why as they wanted to sell or purchase and they have a party on stand-by so they try to make the process quick so that they can get some sort of commission out of this as soon as possible.

  • Some Small Business Owners

They are also the ones who needed things done quickly because of the work i.e. disrupted because of these pests. These business owners just wanted to get everything started up as soon as possible.

 Our Commercial Profile:

In the commercial sector we serve customers like:

  • Multi-Unit Property Owners

These are our wealthiest clients who own multiple properties and when they like our services, they will make sure that we are the ones serving on all of their properties.

  • Apartment Property

Some of our clients own an apartment which means that they are to sweep clean to gain their trust so that they will ask us to clean their other properties of pests.

  • Retail Business Owners

Retail dealers are one of the best in the market and they know how to sell things. To serve them will all we got is our test i.e. to sell our services to those who are experts in selling.

  • Real Estate Brokerages

Property dealers as I have explained are usually in a hurry. They need their property clean of such things and prepared for when the client comes.

  • Hotel or Office Management

Hotel Management and Office Management are important places to clean because of hygiene etc. Their owners need us to clean their places ASAP so that their work can continue.